Tracking & Live Dispatch 


At Syncromatics, we live by the motto: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure,” and that’s where it all begins with our product. We cut our teeth on vehicle tracking over ten years ago, and it is still the core of our business, and the source of the valuable data we give you to better manage your operation. 

The Syncromatics MDT-600 is the core of our system; a rugged, durable, data processing, storage, and transmission unit in a tidy touchscreen driver interface. It’s a single modular and swappable package that natively supports connections with the engine control module, passenger counters, audio systems, fareboxes, destination signs and so much more. It captures data from all of these sources and sends that data to our server every 3-6 seconds. The driver interface allows sign in and sign out, trip switching, headway spacing indicators for on-time performance assist, emergency alerting, dispatch messaging, manual fare counting, pre-trip inspection and maintenance indications and troubleshooting.

When combined with our standard Live Dispatch software module, you’ll have everything you need to manage live operations. The Live Dispatch module allows users to view vehicles and routes in a live Google map application, complete with traffic indicators. It presents live on-time schedule performance data for active vehicles, and allows the dispatcher to quickly pinpoint those vehicles running off schedule or off route altogether. From this easy-to-use interface, the dispatcher can send messages to any or all vehicles, assign a vehicle to a new route, and submit reports to supervisors.

MDT Features:

  • Constant connection, data storage and post processing
  • GPS updates every 6 seconds
  • Supports 12 and 24-volt power
  • Connections: Ethernet, J1939, J1708, RS232, GPS, Cell
  • Shock-proof shell durable to 4g G-force and 40g shock

Android MDT

Starting in 2016, Syncromatics also offers a rugged Android tablet MDT. This option provides a more flexible solution for all types of agencies, and can be paired with a Vehicle Logic Unit to integrate with the same suite of products available with our standard all-in-one MDT. Contact our team to learn more about this option.